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Web Advertising FAQ

What is a click-through?
A click-through is one specific time when a viewer is interested enough in a banner ad to click it and go to the advertiser's site. The Web average for click-throughs
might be less than 1 percent.
What is a CPM?
CPM is the cost per one thousand (Roman numeral M) page views. This is the standard way that ad space is bought and sold on the Web. A site with excellent demographics could demand a higher cost-per-one-thousand ads served.
What is a hit?
A hit is one request by a browser for one file-an HTML document, or an
image or multimedia file-from your server. Many people use "hits" and
"page views" interchangeably, but one Web page might be made up of 20
individual files while another page is only 10 files. As a result, it's best to
define your terms and seek common ground when discussing "hits."
What is a Page View or Page Impression?
A page view or page impression is one Web page served with your ad on it.
What is click rate?
The click rate is the percentage of people who click-through a particular ad.
What is Mindshare?
Mindshare is basically brand recognition. Even though Web users don't click-through banner ads the way advertisers once hoped they would, studies have shown that people do look at banner ads and take the brand away with them.