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8:20:57 PM
Mr. Dobbs:

No one anticipated the opening of the new Tao's restaurant more than our extended family, who have been going to the "old Panda South" since the beginning. A long time!

Your review of the new Tao's was way too kind. The food IS good, but the portions are TINY and the prices are higher. We do not mind paying higher prices since the quality is much better, however, we all have an issue with the food portion sizes.

We went to Tao's at least 3 or 4 times, but will not go back. We are not big people! But the portions were too tiny for the amount of money we were paying.

It would really help if you or your staff could let them know there are customers out there who will not go back because of what they believe are stingy portions. This is my first time writing to anyone about this type of problem, but to me it was worth figuring out how to get this message to you since I cringed when I read your review.

The only way we would go back is if we were assured of better portion size meals. Thank you!

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