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Tough question, right? Now, where did you go your last vacation? Not only does that answer quickly come to mind, but images of it do as well. Perhaps this is one reason that despite the economy, we are having a record year in sales. As a people, Americans don’t like to suffer. Who does? When we are growing up, we are told if you eat your Brussels sprouts you can have ice cream for dessert. For 51 weeks we have been served a steady diet of stress, doom, and a side order of gloom. Still we hang on to images of tropical beaches, that first sip of a Patron Margarita on the rocks, and dreams of going to a place where for one week, the only two piece suit you think of is a bikini and your screen saver of that Caribbean sunset is replaced with the real thing. There are many great deals going on right now whether you go on a cruise or land vacation, just name your dream vacation and we can help make it real. The Cruise Store has many faces. To our locals, we are that nice local agency next to the Dunkin Donuts in East Longmeadow. To the rest of the country we are CruiseStore.Com and MilitaryCruises.Com. The Cruise Store prefers to be called a vacation agency rather than travel agency. We have a team of vacation planners with at least 20+ years experience each. All were either managers or top agents from large travel agencies. We sell just vacations- Cruise Vacations as well as Land Vacation, and do not charge a service fee. So even if you like doing it yourself, you’ll get the most knowledgeable vacation planners to help you. If you find a travel special online, or one is mailed or emailed to you, don’t assume that they have a deal that we cannot offer. We appreciate the opportunity to handle your reservation and keep the business here at home. The Cruise Store/Vacations & More is celebrating 20 years as area’s largest vacation agency. This year we were awarded the prestigious “Golden Apple” award from Apple Vacation and are the region’s #1 Royal Caribbean Agency. We are open Monday to Friday 9-5, Saturdays 9:30- 12:30, and after hours by appointment. Please stop in at 55 Maple Street, East Longmeadow and say hi. Drop us an email at anderson@cruisestore.com or call us at 525-9001. Bon Voyage and Happy Dreams! P.S. A Cruise Store Gift Certificate is sure to be a Holiday hit. Sponsored by The Cruise Store CruiseStore.Com 55 Maple St., East Longmeadow 413-525-9001 Bookmark and Share

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