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Bay Path College establishes Master of Science in Forensics

LONGMEADOW With the rapid advances in medical and scientific research, the need for well-trained forensic scientists is increasing. To offset this demand, Bay Path College has launched the Master of Science in Forensics (MSF) program at its Longmeadow campus. "In just the past decades, we've seen forensic science grow from an applied science focused on fingerprinting and blood sampling to an advanced field encompassing DNA analysis, among other examinations, and the utilization of modern laboratory equipment to identify suspects," said MSF Interim Director Gina M. Semprebon, Bay Path professor of biology and chair of science and mathematics. "As the need for highly qualified specialists in this field grows, forensic professionals have found a graduate degree enhances their credentials, allowing opportunities for advancement in today's field." In this program, graduate students will not only understand and practice accurate procedures in collecting and preserving evidence, but they will gain broad knowledge in scientific standards related to crime scene investigation and reconstruction. The program will also provide intensive, hands-on instruction in the forensic laboratory methods of examining evidence; inform graduate students of ethical behavior based on the code of ethics established by renowned forensic science organizations; and train students in effective communication in regards to court testimony as well as between forensic scientists and law enforcement and legal professionals. The MSF program comprises both online and on-campus evening courses, and can be completed on a full- or part-time basis. Those enrolled in the MSF program are required to have a strong science background, consisting of courses in chemistry, biology, mathematics and physics curriculum similar to forensics or biology undergraduate programs. Prospective graduate students who wish to pursue the MSF but hold undergraduate degrees in unrelated fields must complete the required undergraduate courses prior to admission in the MSF program. The first MSF students will enroll in fall 2009. An online open house for the Master of Science in Forensics program will take place June 24 from noon to 1 p.m. To register for the open house, e-mail graduate@baypath.edu or call (800) 782-7284 ext. 1332.

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