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Avada Hearing Care Center offering screenings to honor Father's Day and Men's Health Week

EAST LONGMEADOW The month of June marks two very important events: Men's Health Week and Father's Day. This year, Avada Hearing Care Centers, operating subsidiary of Hearing Healthcare Management Inc. (HHM), including Avada of East Longmeadow, located at 313 Maple St., is offering free hearing screenings throughout the month of June to not only honor area fathers, but families everywhere. "Fathers are often so busy thinking about the well being of their families that they may neglect their own health. This cannot only have a negative impact on them, but on their children and other family members as well," said John Bartolucci, regional director of Avada of East Longmeadow, adding that Men's Health Week, which is June 15 through 21, helps to create awareness that men can take control of their health by participating in health screenings. "Hearing screenings are an important preventative measure because one of the effects of hearing loss is a breakdown in family communications, which can have a profound effect on relationships. It is important to encourage your father to take care of himself by coming in this month for a free hearing screening," he continued. Bartolucci stresses the importance of telling anyone you care about to take care of their hearing. "This country and our community must stop treating hearing loss as a minor problem. Currently, more than 24 million people in the United States who say they have hearing loss have not taken the corrective steps, which may include hearing devices. The good news is that hearing loss can easily be diagnosed and for most people, there are solutions in the form of digital and programmable hearing instruments, many of which are not visible." Research shows that when people cannot hear properly, they make less money. Sergei Kochkin, Ph.D, executive director of the Better Hearing Institute, said, "Unaddressed hearing loss has a negative impact on overall job effectiveness, opportunity for promotion and even lifelong earning power." A hearing loss can be an impediment to job performance, which could be a danger to job security, and a threat to job security and an inability to hear can disrupt family life. Symptoms of hearing loss include not being able to understand well in a crowded room or restaurant, having to ask family and friends to repeat what they are saying, or not being able to hear sounds that others seem to be able to hear. Everyone over the age of 55 should have annual hearing screenings. Avada of East Longmeadow offers free hearing screenings for those interested. Nationwide, Avada Hearing Care Centers' mission has always been to serve the hearing impaired with the highest degree of professionalism, technology and service available. Avada operates more than 280 hearing care centers nationwide. For more information about Avada of East Longmeadow and its services, please call 733-3196 or visit www.avada.com.

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