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Blue Cross offers info on health reform

BOSTON — The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation has launched an online resource dedicated entirely to Massachusetts health reform. The new Web site offers the most thorough and accurate picture to-date of what the state's groundbreaking health reform law does, how it is working, and what still remains to be done. In its fifth year of implementation, Massachusetts health reform remains a resounding success, resulting in the coverage of nearly 400,000 newly insured Commonwealth residents and serving as a model for national health reform. The new site is the first comprehensive clearinghouse of resources on Massachusetts health reform. It captures the unique accomp-lishments of the law, the work of stakeholders across the state to realize and sustain reform, and the implications of the Massachusetts experience for national health reform. The Web site includes links to scores of documents, reports, data sources and analysis. Users can navigate through sections devoted to the following topics:
  • The Massachusetts (healthcare) law and its history;
  • Health reform implementation;
  • Health reform results;
  • Financing Massachusetts reform;
  • Health Reform 2.0: cost and quality;
  • Lessons from the Massachusetts experience;
  • How national reform affects Massachusetts;
  • Other resources.
The site also offers new tools for understanding the Massachusetts law and its impact, such as an interactive guide to the most up-to-date version of Chapter 58, with links to regulations, reports, commissions and other results of the law's provisions, and video clips from the foundation's June 2010 national health reform event, including a tribute to Sen. Ted Kennedy. The Web site will be updated frequently to reflect new research, progress in reaching the goals of access, affordability and effectiveness, and changes in laws or regulations. "We are pleased to release this exceptional resource to the health reform community," said Sarah Iselin, president of the foundation. "We believe that this clearinghouse on the lessons of Massachusetts reform will be highly valuable to stakeholders in the Commonwealth as well as health reform leaders in other states, now making crucial decisions on health reform in their communities." The new site is located at: http://bluecrossfoundation.org/Health-Reform.aspx.

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