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Dentist rewards good deeds

February 27, 2012 SOUTH HADLEY — South Hadley dentist Dr. Douglas Leigh of Newton Street Dental believes that many good deeds done each day are going unrewarded. "We all know that negativity will not improve a situation, but complimenting or rewarding a job well done will actually prompt more of those good activities," Leigh said. He began the Good Deed Contest this month, which ends on April 15. The contest is open to any youth 18 years of age and younger. Children are urged to join the Good Deed Contest by submitting an essay about a good deed they have accomplished. Kids can submit their essay online via www.dentistsouthhadleyma.com . Leigh will be giving away a new computer to the winner who submits the best essay. According to Leigh, "We all have a vested interest in providing a stable foundation of moral values to our youngsters." Bookmark and Share

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