Hayes among five Baystate Health registered dietitians to serve on Western Area Mass. Dietetic Association Board

Maryann Hayes
SPRINGFIELD Maryann Hayes RD, LDN, MS, of East Longmeadow, is among five Baystate Health registered dietitians elected to serve on the Western Area Massachusetts Dietetic Association (WAMDA) Board of Directors for the year 2009-10.

Hayes, a dietitian specializing in diabetes education at Baystate Medical Center, will serve on WAMDA's nomination committee.

She will be joined on the WAMDA board by Susan Chasse RD, LDN, of Burlington, Conn., a dietitian who specializes in pediatric, neonatal, and maternity nutrition at Baystate Medical Center, who was named president elect of the Western Area Massachusetts Dietetic Association; Lora Warren RD, LDN, MS of West Springfield, a dietitian in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Baystate Children's Hospital, who was named coordinator of the WAMDA Job Bank; treasurer Alison Roy RD, LDN, of Westfield, who works in Cardiac Rehabilitation and Employee Wellness at Baystate Medical Center; and Rubina Husain RD, LDN, of Palmer, a dietitian covering surgical patients at Baystate Medical Center, who will serve on WAMDA's nomination committee.

"It is impressive that so many of our registered dietitians at Baystate Health are involved in their local, professional organization. Their involvement demonstrates their high level of commitment to the profession and the importance of promoting nutrition and fitness in the community," said Mary Jane Rogalski RD, LDN, MBA, clinical nutrition manager at Baystate Health.

WAMDA is an organization of over 120 nutrition professionals throughout Western Massachusetts who have expertise in many areas of nutrition and dietetics including: clinical nutrition, community nutrition, cardiovascular health and rehabilitation, bariatric surgery counseling, business, diabetes education, geriatrics, education, fitness and exercise, food service management, long term care, pediatrics, school food service, eating disorders, weight management and work place health. The expertise of various WAMDA member is available to the public through a private practice consultants list and a speaker's bureau found on the association's Web site at WAMDA.org.

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