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HomeWatch offers 'Pathways to Memory'

Aug. 20, 2012 |

WEST SPRINGFIELD — HomeWatch CareGivers is offering The Pathways to Memory Program, which is based on the results of a formalized cognitive assessment screening that is given to elders who may have Alzheimer's or dementia. A computer program generates scores related to the eight areas of cognitive needs based on answers to questions. Low scoring areas are addressed with individualized activities to strengthen particular functions of the brain and to help enhance memory. The staff are given 17 hours of intensive dementia training through Homewatch CareGivers University and overseen by a social worker. A written care plan is customized to meet the particular needs of the elder with activities that stimulate thinking are developed. All activities are presented in a failure free environment where the elder is always correct and progresses at their own level. The caregiver helps maintain independence by assisting with activities designed to help preserve skills, activity level and postpone or prevent elders from having to leave their homes. In addition, the program provides each elder with a quality of life where their self-esteem increases along with an awareness of their daily surroundings. The elder has been purposefully engaged in daily life and relationships. This socialization may also decrease any disruptive behaviors. Most importantly, the Pathways to Memory Program helps to decrease loneliness, helplessness and boredom in the elder's life. It provides peace of mind for family members knowing that their loved one is actively engaged, cared for and respected in an environment of support and care. There is nothing else that matters more than life with dignity, according to those at HomeWatch Caregivers. This very special program provides the necessary ingredients for the senior to live a more fulfilled life. For more information on the Pathways To Memory screening, email Judy Yaffe at JYaffee@homewatchcaregivers.com or call 785-1111 at the home office, 425 Union St.

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