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Sonic Urgent Care delivers prompt non-emergency services to area

July 23, 2014 | Peter Spotts

EAST LONGMEADOW – The popularity of urgent care facilities is on the rise because of its fast, quality medical care and East Longmeadow now has one of its own.

Sonic Urgent Care opened its doors July 4 in the Heritage Park Plaza and is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week.

“Sonic Urgent Care is founded on the premise that no one should have to wait endless hours to receive medical care. Everyone deserves prompt, effective, compassionate care,” Market Manager Paris Brantley said. “It’s a facility for non-life threatening, minor emergencies.”

She continued, “The idea is to bring to medicine the long overdue reforms which other sector[s] of the economy [have] enjoyed for decades. In and out fast and receiving the same or better quality care that patients will receive elsewhere but without the long wait times and hassles. [The name Sonic was chosen] because it summarizes what we represent in one word ‘fast care using quality technology.’”

The quality technology featured includes a variety of state-of-the-art laboratory testing and X-rays among other services.

“We have digital radiography, i-STAT, glucose, cholesterol, Hemoglobin A1c, Strep throat, Infectious mononucleosis, Pregnancy and other Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments waved testing in house and we are connected to the leading laboratories in the United States such that any testing we do not provide in house can be sent out fast to the larger laboratories,” Brantley explained.

“Ability for our patients to log into our system with the login credentials we provide to them so that they can view certain portions of their medical records from the convenience of home.

 “Most importantly our commitment to stay abreast of the developments in the industry and to continue to embrace new technologies as they evolve and are approved by the Food and Drug Administration,” she said.

East Longmeadow was chosen to house Sonic Urgent Care because of its community and proximity to surrounding towns.

“One of [our philosophies] is to bring business to East Longmeadow from the surrounding communities. Hence, we intend to serve the people of East Longmeadow first and also service the surrounding communities like Longmeadow, [Hampden], Ludlow and Springfield,” she elaborated. “Our typical client[s] are the white collar moms who cannot afford to have extensive wait times in the Emergency Room (ER) due to the many responsibilities that they have to cater to in their daily life.”

Sonic Urgent Care has a staff with a diverse skill set and currently has three providers: Carl John Vanderputten, doctor of osteopathic medicine, Osazee Jones Osagie, doctor of medicine, and Ronald Douglas, doctor of medicine, as well as three nurse practitioners.

“We have board certified physicians and staff doctors who come from family practice, urgent care emergency medicine, different fields that provide a wide-range of services,” Brantley said. “We’re not here to replace the ER. This is for something like an ear infection, rash, something that can be treated here you want treated quickly.”

When asked how many local jobs have been created and the potential for growth going forward, Brantley replied, “There is strong potential for job growth as we continue to hire more staff.

“We are a new franchise and we intend to continue to develop along that line. We have plans to sell our franchise and model of business to investors who are willing to line up with us,” Brantley explained. “Dr. Osazee Jones Osagie currently has financial interests in the business, but is in discussion with investors who have shown interest in our model of care [and] we have identified other parts of the region where we intend to open new branches.”

Sonic Urgent Care is located at 444 North Main St. Those interested in their services can find more information by visiting Sonicurgentcare.com or calling 413-525-7012.

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