Vegetarian Society potluck scheduled for March 27

GREATER SPRINGFIELD — On March 27 at 4:30 p.m., Northern Connecticut Vegetarian Society will host a potluck with Tom Holowka as the featured speaker.

Holowka is a vegan personal trainer who specializes in helping people reach their ideal body through comprehensive lifestyle change including, fitness activity, plant based nutrition, and stress management.

Exercise is essential to a healthy state of being; yet most people still don't exercise regularly. Holowka will talk about why that is, as well as specific strategies people can use to get themselves exercising regularly.

To round out the evening, there will be a vegan potluck with two serving tables — one for raw food and the other for conventional vegan food.

Participants should bring a healthy vegan dish to share along with a note card listing your recipe and your name. Vegan means no animal ingredients (zero eggs, dairy, chicken, fish, or meat). Also, please bring a place setting.

A donation of $7 per adult is requested. Children are free and most welcome.

The event will take place at Carniglia Senior Center, 41 Oak St., Windsor Locks, Conn.

For more information, visit or call Harry at (860) 623-8082 or e-mail him at

The Northern Connecticut Vegetarian Society is a non-profit organization, which advocates a compassionate and healthy vegetarian diet.

The society welcomes all people who want to improve their health and the health of the world.

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