Celebrity stylist puts Springfield on the map

Aug. 15, 2013
(Far left) Nolan Wells Photo courtesy of Harris Davey
(Top) Julie Korman styled by Nolan Wells. Photo courtesy of Still Raw Photography
(Bottom center) Nolan Wells with Luke Broadlick, dancer and choreographer for Justin Bieber.
(Far right) Nolan Wells with Entertainment Reporter Debra Macki. Photos courtesy of Nolan Wells
By Katelyn Gendron


SPRINGFIELD – Nolan Wells may only be 21 years old but he’s been to the top of the heap.

A celebrity stylist from Springfield, Wells has doubled his client list in the past year, jet setting to meet them in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago. He’s currently working with clients preparing them for the MTV Video Music Awards in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Aug. 25, as well as with Flo Rida, Stayc Reign, Krewella, Drop City Yacht Club, Jonn Hart, Chris Webby, Justin Reynolds and Melissa Gorga of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

“Right now my office is so busy ... I have just returned from working with one of Justin Bieber’s lead dancers, Luke Broadlick,” Wells told Reminder Publications. “We have know each other for a minute [a while] but we finally had the opportunity to work together. I am now handling more of Luke’s day-to-day styling needs aside from the time he spends on stage with Justin.

“I am now gearing up to head out to spend a few dates with my new client, Rozzi Crane, who is a protégé of Adam Levine and Maroon 5. I am really excited to be working with someone so talented and involved the in fashion world,” he continued.

When asked how he finds his inspiration, Wells replied, “Each client has very different needs. I spend endless hours researching the client and then begin my search for the brands that fit the style esthetic perfectly. I also usually take some time to get to know the client. A lot of ideas come natural to me. I can look at a celebrity’s Instagram, Exchange 5 texts or emails, and have a complete vision board in my head of looks and 500 designers who I need to contact. The approach to get product from brands and designers can vary. Some clients require custom pieces where I reach out to the actual designers and some are [simpler] where I can just pull RTW (Ready to Wear).”

Wells isn’t just styling, however, he’s also filming his own reality show.

“It’s really exciting and right now [I’m] just in the pilot stages but it’s something I have wanted to do for so long. I really always want to put my hometown on the map for something positive – and we have filmed a lot right now. It gives people a really in-depth look at my life as a celebrity stylist – what I do exactly and the balance I try to maintain with being 21,” Wells added.

His current success at such a young age has in no way made him forget about the struggles he needed to endure in order to get here.

“It’s been a little rough. I don’t want people for one minute to think all my troubles have gone away, but right now I am at a great place,” he said. “I finally have been able to get a solid team together, which consists of my day-to-day manager Samantha (Springfield native), and my executive assistant, Lali Gomez (Springfield native). I think there comes a point where to have people who back you and also see what you do as being amazing everything comes full circle or at least starts to.

“I have definitely learned to look at things much differently. More often then ever, especially working with such huge artists at sold out massive venues, I have to sit back for a second while working and just say wow. I never thought I would be here in such short amount of time,” Wells continued.

When asked about his plans for the future of his business, Wells replied, “Moving my business [to Los Angeles]. I will always have a piece of me here [in Springfield] besides the fact that my family and friends are from here. This is the first place I was supported in such a grand way but I feel as though it’s the next step. I want to of course grow as a stylist, possibly dabble into design, who knows?”

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