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A healthy alternative for battling ADD

Prescription drugs have long been the main weapon for children and increasingly, adults when battling Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Side effects for various medications can range from anxiety or nervousness to insomnia. "Before settling for the quick fix of pills, there are natural approaches that should be considered," contends nutritional expert David Sandoval, author of "The Green Foods Bible." The causes of ADD, which is a recurrent pattern of behavior characterized by short attention spans, impulsivity and may include hyperactivity, are hot topics for debate and speculation as to whether it is environmental or genetic. Years of research and studying, consulting with the world's premiere authorities in holistic medicines and promoting raw food nutrition led Sandoval to create the Plant-Based Nutrition Program, which he believes can potentially help ADD sufferers (and/or their parents). He says there is most definitely a relationship between diet and disease. "Everything the human body needs to live a long, disease-free life has been provided by the Earth." Sandoval wants the public to consider three possible food-related ADD risk factors; starting with high sugar consumption. "Destructive, aggressive and restless behavior has been found to significantly correlate with the amount of sucrose consumed." While it may prove difficult at first, his initial recommendation is to eliminate all refined sugars from the diet. Limiting the consumption of processed foods and additives like food colorings and artificial flavoring needs to be considered. "In many cases, identifying and eliminating clear causative diet factors will often bring about dramatic improvements within the first few weeks," exposes Sandoval. He adds that improvements will be more subtle and not as great if food reactions are not the cause of ADD. According to Sandoval, CEO of Purium, the ADD sufferers who see the faster results easily maintain the lifestyle change because they feel so much better. "Initially it's going to take some discipline, but switching to whole, unprocessed and, preferably, organic meals will cleanse the body and help in re-harnessing the power of your own mind." This is crucial when taking into account that nutrient deficiency could be another risk for American children suffering from ADD, continues Sandoval. "Decreased attentiveness is commonly associated with a lack of iron." Poor nutrition may be most harmful in the early development stages of life so he believes parents should feed their kids organic produce. The body's storage of heavy metals particularly the toxic metal lead has also been linked by studies to childhood learning disabilities. Sandoval recommends screening children for heavy metal poisoning. For more information, visit www.mypurium.com.

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