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Downey Side takes aim at homelessness

SPRINGFIELD — Downey Side announces its reintroduction as a partner in the community to focus on decreasing youth home-lessness. Downey Side has local offices in Springfield and East Hartford, Conn., with staff available to support families pre, during, and post adopting America's Waiting Children. Downey Side is an adoption agency with a focus on youth aged 7 to 17, often referred to as "special needs." Its history began in Springfield in 1967 with its first placement of a 17 year-old young man. Downey Side's founder, Father Paul Engel, OFM, Cap., states that he is thrilled that Downey Side is regenerating its roots, after branching out to seven states. Downey Side Adoption Services is offering two opportunities for families interested in adoption: (1) Orientation Sessions on Thurs-day evenings (2) Exploring Adoption Seminar beginning May 26. For more information, contact Stacy Deprey at 739-5626 ext. 222 or via e-mail at sdeprey@downeyside.org. Bookmark and Share

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