K'Ton Ton campers collect pennies to clean the Gulf

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K'Ton Ton campers at the Springfield Jewish Community Center (JCC) Day Camps are concerned about the wildlife in the now oily Gulf of Mexico. They have been asking questions about why the birds and fish are sick and how they can help. As part of the focus on "Our Responsibility to the World," they have been collecting pennies to donate to the National Wildlife Foundation. Although these children are only preschoolers, they understand the importance of protecting the Earth, specifically the animals, through this study of the story of Creation.

From left to right are campers from the JCC's K'Ton Ton unit: Aubrey Stackowicz, Cole DeAngelis-Gray, Yael Ivan, Elina Michalakis, Almany Hernandez, Nathaniel Tyson and Brooklynn Moore. These Springfield JCC K'Ton Ton campers sit with the tzedakah (charity) box decorated to collect pennies to support the animals of the Gulf Region. The children designed a healthy fish and pelican to show everyone what they want the Gulf wildlife to look like.

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