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Cyberhair revolutionizes hair loss market

July 16, 2014 | Peter Spotts

Ambiance Hair Replacement and Laser Center Co-Owners Laura Judge-Castellini (left) and Elaine Balas-Bagamery next to one of their Cyberhair wigs.
Reminder Publications photo by Peter Spotts

AGAWAM – The newest hair loss solution provides more flexibility to a lifestyle, but is relatively unknown.

Ambiance Hair Replacement and Laser Center is the only dealer of Cyberhair in western Massachusetts.

“Cyberhair is for people with medically lost hair who need hair pieces all the time,” Co-owner Laura Judge-Castellini said. “You can’t break Cyberhair, it’s very strong [and] it loves water. People wearing it can go swimming or sleep with it. We are the only dealers in the area and you cannot get it online.”

Co-owner Elaine Balas-Bagamary added, “It doesn’t lose its style. It has a memory system. It doesn’t lose its color. There are custom colors [and] we create our own colors. Whatever you want.”

Cyberhair is a nylon product that was designed by a Japanese dentist. Nylon beads are heated to high temperatures and then stretched to form hair. The word cyber was chosen to reflect the changing world.

“The Japanese came up with the name cyber looking ahead at the future,” Judge-Castellini said. “Now we live in a cyber world and they foresaw where it would go.”

Cyberhair became available in the United States for the first time in 1995 and Judge-Castellini has been certified and working with the product for 12 years.

“I went to a hospital in Connecticut [for a] fair on hair loss [and] it’s where I first saw the product. I applied to be a dealer. They don’t give it to everyone.” Judge-Castellini said.

“I had to go to Chanhassen, Minnesota, for training. [I learned] what it is, how to cut it, the whole process. It’s totally different from cutting regular hair,” Judge-Castellini continued.

Cyberhair can be fit and cut for any style and needs to be maintained like natural hair.

“The wig needs to be rejuvenated every six weeks,” Balas-Bagamary explained. “There’s a special product used to keep it in good shape [and] the fiber healthy.”

The company Ambiance is working with in Minnesota is International Hairgoods Inc., who is owned by the creator of Cyberhair, Aderans Company Limited.

Cyberhair wigs can fluctuate in price because each wig is custom made and price is dependent on client needs, but the average price can range from $1,400 to $1,800, according to Ambiance HR.

Ambiance has also joined International Hairgoods and Aderans for a new kids program for children.

“International Hairgoods and Aderans have a program for kids [called] Just Live Life: Kids! Once a month, one free wig is donated for a child.  Kids fill out an application and can come get the wig, [which is] semi-custom. The process takes about four to six weeks,” Judge-Castellini explained.

“Cyberhair is a different type of product [and] a different type of option people don’t know about yet. It’s not for everyone. It depends on what you’re looking for in your lifestyle. Other [hair replacement options] can’t sleep in it, go swimming, and lose color,” she said.

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