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Councilors hear concerns about bar at zoning meeting

Feb. 1, 2013
By G. Michael Dobbs


CHICOPEE — The Zoning Committee of the City Council approved an application to transfer the alcohol license for September's, but not without a promise to neighbors of the bar.

City Councilor John Vieau, chair of the committee, told neighbors of the popular bar, "Licenses are a privilege and when they are abused they can be revoked.

The committee members — Dino Brunetti, Fredrick Krampits, Frank LaFlamme, James Tillotson, Donald Demers and Gerry Roy — voted unanimously to the entire city council to approve the transfer. Nuno Nunes, a Chicopee resident, who owns a bar in Ludlow, is the new owner of September's.

Nunes and his attorney Benjamin Coyle said the plans for the bar are to grow the business and expand the bar's dining offerings. Under the transfer of the license, the bar would remain open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Coyle noted the License Commission had already approved the transfer and there was no opposition to the transfer at the commission meeting.

Neighbor Jaime Flores told the councilor she was concerned about the idea of the bar growing. Flores said the bar, which is located at 92 View St. in a residential neighborhood, September's and its patrons have caused many problems over the years.

Flores said that patrons have left the bar drunk, parked their cars in no-parking areas, blocked residents' driveways and left litter in yards. She said the police have been called on many occasions and cars have been towed.

Flores also expressed concern about the ability of emergency vehicles being able to access the homes there when bar patrons are parking on both sides of the street.

When asked if she had received a notice about the transfer for the License Commission meeting, Flores said she had not. Coyle explained that because this is a transfer of a license, rather than a new license, the law did not stipulate that notices of the meeting be sent to the abutters.

Coyle said that Nunes wanted to hear the issues, so he could address them.

City Councilor James Tillotson asked Flores if she was willing to give the new owners a chance. Flores replied the last time neighbors gave the previous owners a chance they received "a slap in the face."

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