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Gold, Grant top Barowsky in town election

June 13, 2013
<b>Selectman Mark Gold</b> <br>Reminder Publications submitted photo

Selectman Mark Gold
Reminder Publications submitted photo

By Chris Maza


LONGMEADOW — There's a changing of the guard on the Select Board.

While incumbent Mark Gold captured the most votes with 996 to retain his spot on the Select Board, Alex Grant unseated Mark Barowsky, earning 825 votes to Barowsky's 654.

The turnout represented a turnout of approximately 12 percent of the 11,869 registered voters in the town.

Grant, a political newcomer, credited a strong support system with helping him earn the three-year seat on the board.

"The first thing I'd like to do is thank all of those who helped me. I'm a complete novice in running for office; I've never done this before," he said. "I'm just overwhelmed by the support that I have gotten from the people of Longmeadow."

Grant said he hoped that he would be able to represent the constituents' needs and opinions, bringing positive change and new ideas.

"I think this election does speak to the voters' desire for change. I campaigned on that platform," he said. "This vote and the Town Meeting vote does indicate that voters are looking for something different on the Select Board and I'm hoping I can make a difference by listening more to the voters, by communicating better with the voters and making sure what we do on the Select Board aligns with their priorities."

Grant also took the time to thank Barowsky for his work on the Select Board.

"I want to thank Mr. Barowsky for his service to the town. I think it was a hard fought campaign," he said. "Even though he and I disagreed on some issues, I think his desire to serve the town and further its interests is unquestioned."

Gold said he was thankful for the opportunity to continue working for the citizens of Longmeadow and the strong show of support demonstrated that his efforts had been appreciated.

"I'm obviously very pleased with the results," he said. "I'm very gratified that I was the top vote-getter. I think it validates a lot of what I've been saying about what I want to do."

Gold also said he valued the fact that the election was a contested one and it spurred discussion and involvement of the town in government.

"It was a good campaign," he said. "I think a contested election is a great opportunity for the people of Longmeadow to get the word out."

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