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New farmers’ market sprouts in Wilbraham

Sept. 26, 2013
By Chris Maza


WILBRAHAM – A farmers’ market will be available to residents this winter.

Glen Roy Buchanan recently appeared before the Board of Selectmen and said there had been some interest from the community in having a farmers’ market in town during the winter months when they are scarcer in the area.

The Gardens of Wilbraham would be the location for the farmers’ market.

“It’s going to be held twice a month – the second and fourth Saturday of the month from 2 to 10 [p.m.],” he said.

The market’s offerings would range from vegetables to maple syrup to popcorn to ice cream to meats and cheeses, Buchanan added.

He said the farmers’ market would take place in the Gardens of Wilbraham’s community building, which is equipped with a full kitchen that could be used by vendors.

“We’re trying to create a situation where people can feel free to come up during the winter time [and] have something to do – they can sit, they can have lunch and buy some stuff,” he said.

Michelle Chisholm from the Gardens of Wilbraham pointed out that the Hampden Bank on Boston Road offers a farmers’ market during the summer and therefore the new market during the winter months at the senior development also on Boston Road would be conveniently located.

Buchanan also said he hoped to use the farmers’ market eventually to work with a program helps military veterans.

“An organization called the Homeward Vets program called me up and up in Northampton they have done this thing with the government where they are helping vets who are homeless get apartments and things they need,” he said. “If we could do something maybe one Saturday a month and say if you’re coming to the market with any extra cups or plates or things like that then we’ll donate it to them. We’ll try to do something different every week.”

He added that live music provided by a small group from Amherst was in his plans.

“We’re trying to create a family theme,” he said.

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