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Council approves additional funds for renovation project

Dec. 6, 2013
By Aubri Bailly


CHICOPEE – An additional $89,000 was passed by the City Council at the Dec. 3 meeting to for a potential new Health Department expansion on Baskin Drive.

The city has been working on renovating the second floor of the Department of Public Works building there to consolidate other offices.

This project, which is about four months delayed due to Westover Job Corps pulling out, is scheduled to be completed by February 2015 if all goes as planned.

Some of the councilors expressed why they believe this project should continue.

“There are some benefits to this. If the Health Department goes up there, which is in the plans, that will free up space for the Police Department, which we need,” Councilor James Tillotson stated.

Tillotson also said that he does not foresee the price, particularly in materials, to be going down any time soon.

Councilor John Vieau also expressed his view of continuing with the project.

“In order to keep this project moving and get it finished, we’re going to need to spend another $89,000, so I am in favor of moving this tonight,” Vieau stated.

Councilor Timothy McLellan explained why the price is what it is. For example, a few extra windows were added, adding an additional $5,000 to the price, he said.

Also according to McLellan, a miscommunication had happened that affected the budget. The team in charge of the project confused a price for sheet rock – instead of it being the total cost, it was just the installation cost. Sixteen thousand dollars of the $89,000 will be going to finish the sheet rock at the building..

The Council unanimously passed this appropriation.

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