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Lynch School sale to be decided later in summer

June 20, 2014 | By G. Michael Dobbs

HOLYOKE – In order to ensure the sale of the Lynch School moves forward to a retail developer, the City Council will have to schedule a special meeting later this summer.
Rory Casey, the chief of staff for Mayor Alex Morse, explained to Reminder Publications, that a vote on accepting the winning bid from Frontier Development LLC must be taken before a 90-day period elapses. He added that the City Council’s scheduled meeting on Aug. 5 falls outside of that time frame.
Casey said he anticipates Morse will ask for a meeting for the full council after another meeting of the council’s Committee on Development and Government Affairs. That committee is expected to meet within a week, he added.
The Lynch School, which has been closed for five years, is part of a plan presented by School Superintendent Dr. Sergio Páez. Páez wanted to transfer preschool students from the Metcalf School in order to free up space for a move of the School Department offices.
Casey said, “The School Department now knows they are not getting Lynch back.”
Morse explained in a public letter he wants the sale of the property to go through, as it would provide additional tax revenue to the city.
In a letter to Councilor David Bartley dated June 10, Kara Lamb Cunha, the second city solicitor clarified the sale of the Lynch School would require a “simple majority vote” of the complete council, while a transfer back to the School Department would have to have a two-thirds vote. Morse would also have to approve the transfer and could block it with no option of override from the council.

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