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Robbins wins Summit Creative Awards for ‘Wally, Derek, Gladys’

July 31, 2014 | Katelyn Gendron

Paul Robbins
Reminder Publications submitted photo

SPRINGFIELD – The most powerful way to tell as story is through film, according to Paul Robbins, a multi-Summit Creative Award winner.

Robbins, of Paul Robbins Associates Inc., received two 2014 Summit Creative Awards – a silver in the Fundraising category, and a bronze in the Not-For-Profit category – to mount alongside his four previous honors for his 12-minute documentary titled, “Wally, Derek, Gladys,” which was produced for the nonprofit HAPHousing.

The complete documentary can be viewed here:

“People think of nonprofits existing without any positive outcomes but there are a lot of success stories [out there] and video helps tell those success stories,” Robbins told Reminder Publications. “We live in a storytelling time ... Getting beyond the surface is what people love.”

The film chronicles the journey of three people, each of whom received humanitarian assistance from HAPHousing.

According to Robbins, “The video recounts the story of Wally Quinones and her family who lost their home in the June 2011 tornado; the journey of Derek Washington from incarceration to working dad; and Gladys Morales whose story starts in a women’s shelter and ends with homeownership.”

He added, “People think of social service agencies as largely [aiding] females but Derek became a HAP client too. His story really broke the mold.”

Robbins noted that Quinones’ and Morales’ journeys were equally compelling.

“The story that jumps off the page is the tornado story. We’ll never forget that,” he said of Quinones’ role in the documentary.

When asked why he chose to submit this film to the Summit International Awards, Robbins replied, because “the three individuals in the film were so outstanding.”

More than 5,000 submissions from 24 countries were a part of this year’s competition.

“Winning a Summit Creative Award is a significant accomplishment in one’s career. With vetted judges, tough judging criteria, blind judging processes, and strict bylaws limiting winners, only the most deserving entries receive recognition,” Jocelyn Luciano, executive director for the Summit International Awards, said. “The creative work this year was outstanding.”

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