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12:48:34 PM
This is true. Many men and women both, young and old have become discouraged and feel like their voice doesn’t matter. They are missing information. They are suffering for their lack of knowledge and involvement. Finally a working man has come with objectivity and genuine concern for the mass of people who have little understanding. Many people I know and work with have come to expect less from politicians as they have seen no positive impact in their lives. Taxes go up, financial mismanagement continues, the working man suffers. Lawyers and carrier politicians have allowed us to sink into the pot hole that is Western Massachusetts.
I believe this man understands the people's issues with the Western Mass
and is willing to take us in a new direction in locally and state wide. He believes so strongly in
making a change He is willing to sacrifice his work he
What a breath of fresh air!
I can't wait till Spring. I will voice my opinion now and mark my calendar for Tuesday April 1.
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