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Mayor considers expanding animal control division

Feb. 11, 2013
<b>Mayor Gregory Neffinger</b><br>Reminder Publications file photo

Mayor Gregory Neffinger
Reminder Publications file photo

By Carley Dangona


WEST SPRINGFIELD — Mayor Gregory Neffinger confirmed at a recent press conference that the town seeks to expand its animal control division.

The mayor stated that the town is in need of an updated ordinance to provide better service to residents. Neffinger noted that he is researching other town ordinances such as Agawam's for guidelines to increase the division.

The town is advertising a position for an animal control officer on the Town Hall bulletin boards where public notices are posted. The job description defines some of the duties: "developing and maintain an animal program which mutually benefits residents of the community, both pet owners and otherwise. Some of the responsibilities include public information, adoption and educational programs, rabies certification and dog licensing."

Neffinger said, "We need to get more attention in West Springfield. We pay for part of the animal shelter [costs] in Westfield and the animal control officer we share with Agawam has very limited hours. Many times the police are called to pick up dead animals [in the road or on sidewalks]." He added that the police should be better utilized for emergency calls.

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