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Appreciates Good Samaritans

We always hear about bad things happening. Well, I have to tell you that there are decent people in this world. I live on Fernwood Drive and lost my husband recently. We had a snow storm and I was busy in the house so I didn't realize that two young girls has shoveled my driveway and it's a big one. They were shoveling my walk when I noticed them.
When I asked them why they were doing this, they said they felt bad for me and wanted to do something for me. They wouldn't take any money for it. I was so surprised and told them that they touched my heart more than ten bouquets of flowers. It felt so good to know that I have neighbors that cared enough to help in such a way.
Thank you so much to the girls and to their parents for bringing them up the right way.
J. Nelson
East Longmeadow

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