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Education system failing

Nov. 5, 2012 |

I've been concerned with the failing education system for many years and while I've no children in school I still find it necessary to alert everyone as to what I feel should be done to improve the system. There are times when one has to back up before going forward. Schooling prior to the '50s couldn't have been that bad. Those graduates produced many of the electronics in our lives today. The education policies of those days should be analyzed and applied where possible. There is no need for backpacks. Backpacks are only hiding places for those items that aren't required in the classroom. I've seen children with backpacks so loaded that the child couldn't walk upright. These were children in first and second grades. The only items they should be carrying is the material required for the day and possibly a lunch. Next, no electronic devices should be allowed in the classroom. I know individuals that can't do math without a calculator. As cell phones have become an important safety device and are a must they should be left by the door inside the classroom and not at their desks. All assignments should be done in long hand. No computer generated work should be accepted. Also Phys-Ed should be a requirement. This allows students to work out their frustrations. Phys-Ed taught me about first aid, personal hygiene, and driving just to name a few. Wood and machine shop courses are missing in many schools. These are important courses in today's world as there are shortages in these fields. As many students aren't planning to go on to college these courses give them a valuable alternative. I've found these subjects important throughout my life. Without these my life would be entirely different, and possibly not to the good. I've been told that some students receive only a half year of subjects like math, English, and history. These should be taught the entire year if a student is expected to retain any knowledge of the subject. A student's time would be better spent learning the basics instead of Chinese, keyboarding (typing), etc. Joseph A. Costantini East Longmeadow

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