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Geese are a real problem

May 8, 2013 |

The Canadian Geese problem that has been plaguing Heritage Park in East Longmeadow is a serious problem for the park, the people who use the park and the town employees. These nasty birds leave behind fecal matter that can disrupt not only a town's pond and park but also its recreation fields as well as golf courses. So to not consider it a problem would be and in the case of East Longmeadow disastrous to its tax payer facilities. Although I am not a town resident, I have viewed the geese problem for many years now and believe that the town has not done enough to relocate and chase away these beautiful but fecal leaving birds. A few swans or an employee with one dog will not be enough to fend off this flock that returns every year. What might be a better approach would be an all out process of relocation techniques that groundskeepers and golf course professional use daily. Scarecrows, predator animal decoys, properly trained dogs, fire works and in some cases spray material to coat the grass so it will not look so inviting for foraging are all methods that need to have persistence when dealing with problem geese flocks. Also having a good understanding of when the geese forage, mate and have more little geese will also help fight the battle of removing the bird. It is a hard chore to successfully remove Canadian Geese from areas they are comfortable in but I belive it can happen over time, but like anything else in our profession it will take persistence and time. So yes the serious problem at Blackman's Pond in Heritage Park can be more a value to the residents again. Edward Pagliaro C.G.M. Certified Grounds Manager, Springfield

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