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Government transparency needed now!

First, long time residents again request status of high water bill they presented to SB some time ago and is now incurring late fees, Town Manager tells them to pay the bill and late fees as there is no way to delete these fees. Why is there late fees on water bill in dispute that town failed to reply? Next, two residents spoke on pegola ... Chair Santaniello would not allow two way conversation, only stated this was done in accordance with Charter. This pegola was approved without any knowledge or concerns to residents; and the building permit fee was WAIVED per town manager. Now, residents must pay late fees because the town has not replied to their request of high water bill...but...town manager, with SB approval can waive a fee? Reason Charter was implemented and residents requested, in the planning stage, was we wanted accountability... transparency...communication and Open Forums which was not in former government. Open Forum By-law (3-207) states "Town will hold periodic open meetings/forums to promote dialogue among voters so they can participate and make decisions." Folks, is it time to send tea bags to select board and town manager... Next election will be June 9... Eleanor Stolar Longmeadow
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