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Martial Law the solution?

Some solutions to depressions/recessions known since 1948: 1) Reduce wages of government officials: federal, city, town, state, village and private industry " everyone, every thing. All wages to be reduced by everyone in the U.S. 2) Reduce all kinds of taxes, surcharges, interest, etc. 3) Reduce price of all merchandise, rents, heat, gasoline and coal, electricity, oil, wood, water, etc. 4) Since we forgave monies owed to us by countries during World War II, there should be a serious discussion about United States owing money by us to other countries. Since the United States helped countries to rebuild, etc., should not consideration be given as being a wash (even)? 5) Should not the contractors, people that defrauded the government, states, cities, towns and villages by building or other types of fraud and people be made to return monies to the same? Including private citizens that have been also defrauded. 6) CEO s will return monies given to them by government, state, towns, cities, villages. 7) Eliminate waste by hiring duplicate departments, buying merchandise not needed and overpriced merchandise, for example, toilets costing $1,000 each. 8) Fraud money: People will say that monies given to friends, relatives, spouse, cannot be returned because of laws! 9) Four day work weeks of 40 hours, to reduce heat, electric bills, as in Utah. 10) This is a war and a catastrophe to the world and all governments! Therefore, martial law should be enforced! 11) People should learn to help, aid and live together instead of killing one another. Joel Sacks Longmeadow
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