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No response from Neal

May 2, 2013 |

Would you settle for a cheese sandwich when paying for prime rib? No you wouldn't! In so many congressional areas of our nation the Town Hall-style meeting is once again gaining popularity and understandably so. Our economy is in shambles, terrorism is on the rise and our individual freedom is threatened. There is a sense of urgency brewing right here in the Lower Pioneer Valley among hard working, patriotic people who want solid answers to nagging questions. Recently the Chicopee City Council approved a motion to send a letter to Rep. Neal requesting that he host a Town Hall-style meeting for citizens of Chicopee and interested people from the surrounding area. After several weeks there was no response from Rep. Neal's office. In a subsequent phone call to Neal's office by a Chicopee councilor it was (in so many words) stated that "Rep. Neil has his own way of reaching out to the public and getting info to the voters." But this gives rise to yet a greater problem that has been plaguing so many congressional districts in America and, yes, even here in the Pioneer Valley: Many congressional districts across the nation are dominated by one daily, liberal newspaper. These newspapers routinely offer up "puff pieces" favorable to the local representative so long as the representative votes a strict liberal line in Washington. This is precisely what is taking place in the Springfield area. It has become apparent to many that Neal's way of reaching out to the public is through the lens of sweet-nothing "puff pieces" offered up by The Springfield Republican. Unfortunately, many folks in the Pioneer Valley are satisfied with these "wind and water sandwiches." However, the numerous nail-biting events that are taking place in our nation is giving rise to a growing sense of urgency among a lot of local residents who are seeking solid answers to gnawing questions. Many believe that the only way their questions can be answered is by circumventing the Springfield Republican and meeting directly with Neal through a Town Hall-style meeting. William Santy Chicopee

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