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Obamacare is the problem

You stated in this week's edition that "partisan politics is trumping solving a problem." (Obamacare). Once again, you have it exactly backwards. Obamacare is the problem. It is like an iceburg with only the tip of the impending disaster showing. The bulk is hidden beneath a sea of micro managing apparatchiks. Even the left's demi-god, Paul Krugman admitted that death pannels are inevitable and that Sarah Palin was right. The way to solve it is to repeal the 2,000-plus pages that puts all of the control in the hands of Washington bureaucrats and replace it with common sense solutions including tort reform. By the way, if you believe that "health care is a right," what about the "right" of free housing, food, clothing, transportation, college, etc? The problem is that, as communist and socialist nations have discovered, sooner or later, you run out of other people's money. Don Crossman East Longmeadow
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