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Odor lingers

Sept. 18, 2012 |

Thanks again for your continued coverage of the petition fraud in Chicopee. And thank you to the individual Chicopee City Councilors who initially contacted the Attorney General requesting an investigation into the fraudulent petition drive signatures last year. They, along with the entire council, are also thanked for their perseverance in following up until the recent admission of a former mayor's aide who was administered penalties prescribed in Massachusetts General Law Chapter 56 Section 11. But it was a strange ending to the case. A sudden admission of guilt before a judge, but no printed media reports (to date) of a grand jury indictment or an arrest and charges. Just as strange, an admission by one person to being the sole culprit responsible for a reported hundreds of forged signatures, not the few originally reported. And even more strange, very little overall media coverage, especially by local TV, into this serious incident of identity theft and voting fraud. The current outcome leaves many wondering if justice was really fully served. The smell is less, but an odor still lingers over politics in Chicopee. Jim Raschilla Chicopee

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