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Officials should seek solutions

Feb. 13, 2013 |

The liberal disease is in full force in East Longmeadow. Example one is the town's unceasing attempts to create laws to cover every possible human contingency and foible, which led to the brouhaha over the Arbors Kids Day care center in 2011, and the current problem with massage therapy offices in commercial zones. Example two is the numerous attempts to "update" zoning bylaws to attempt to codify everything and remove all matters of judgment and responsibility from town administrators. Example three is the town openly admitting that one of their managers erred in approving a massage office permit, but being unable to find anyone who will stand up and take responsibility for actually solving the problem the town helped to create. The town now claims its hands are tied and it has no leeway to solve the problem that their own overly-complex system helped create. This is the same abdication of responsibility that we see nationwide in zero-tolerance policies in schools expelling 5 year olds for stupid stuff and crying "Oh, we know it's just terrible and unfair, but we just can't make exceptions, you know." Why not? In the good old days, that's what we used to pay people for – to solve problems, not to hide behind overly strict interpretation of bylaws and to whimper that "our hands are tied." People make mistakes, always will, and effective people find ways to fairly remedy the mistakes, even if it means going out on a limb sometimes. The final word is from the Bible, which reminds us that "law is made to serve mankind, not mankind to serve the law." This conservative principle really needs to be dusted off and respected again. Pat Henry East Longmeadow

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