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Open door to Cuba

We must pursue our national interest, with a long-term view, open to reconciliations with former enemies as well as the rekindling of old friendships. Cuba is a great place to start. Cubans do not treat us as their enemy. Most of them are extremely friendly to Americans, despite official U.S. policy intended to punish and degrade the Castro regime. Nor is Cuba unsafe. Nor are visitors restricted as to where they can go, or what they can do or see. Whatever motivated the original break, in the U.S. Cuban relations it is incomprehensible to me why it continues. After 50 years it has not accomplished any sensible or reasonable objective. It's time to change that failed policy, not just because the time has come for Cuba but also because the time has come for the United States. We need to pursue our national interests with a view to the long term, open to, reconciliations with former enemies. Cuba is a great place to start. Soon Fidel Castro will be gone. The country is preparing for its transition. Let's communicate James Dionne West Springfield
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