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Open letter

Oct. 24, 2012 |

This is an open letter to all Democrats supporting Elizabeth Warren: The Democratic Party has been howling for years over Republicans' alleged refusal to compromise in Congress. Now Democrats have a chance to re-elect the most compromising senator since Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, and you're going to vote for Warren instead. Just 'cause she's got a "D" next to her name. The party accuses Scott Brown of only voting Democratic when it doesn't matter. But Scott Brown cast the deciding vote for the job-killing Dodd/Frank Bill, against Republican orders. How likely do you think it is that Elizabeth Warren will ever compromise with Republicans? You criticize Scott Brown for having Tea Party support, but you admire Elizabeth Warren's claim to have "provided the intellectual foundation" for the anarchist, drug-addled, violent, Occupy Wall Street movement. Democrats and hippies have always gotten along well. You support Warren's position favoring drivers' licenses and free in-state tuition for illegal aliens. It doesn't bother you that our state and our nation are in a spending crisis, and every illegal takes a precious college slot, or a grant, away from your own children. After all, the party's goals come first! You think 800 different government bureaus and departments weren't enough, so you're glad Warren helped create yet another huge bureaucracy, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, financed entirely by borrowing and printing money we don't have. You see Scott Brown as a tool of the millionaires, but you are happy to overlook Warren's and husband's $750,000-plus salaries and wealth gained in part by flipping foreclosed houses in Oklahoma, teaching just one or two courses at Harvard, and representing huge evil corporations in Massachusetts' Courts without a Massachusetts law license. She's a regular blue-collar hero. Your party virtually created affirmative action for minorities. But it doesn't bother you at all that Elizabeth Warren a masters degree recipient who should know better checked the "minority" box in her job application at Harvard. After all, she says she didn't do it to obtain any special favors, and so it was OK. Sort of like, "I shot him, but the bullet missed, so it's okay." And it doesn't bother you that after months of research fails to find any trace of Native American heritage, Warren still won't say she made an honest mistake. Never apologize; never explain – the mantra of a professional politician. In academia, plagiarism is the kiss of death. But it doesn't matter to you that two recipes in a "Native American" cookbook, with Warren's name attached, are carbon copies of earlier recipes in other cookbooks and menus – one from France. After all, she says a relative put all these recipes together and added her name. No big deal; it could happen to anybody! Elizabeth Warren has lied, has cheated, and is a fraud. She will vote to raise your taxes and will be unable to protect our few remaining military bases, as Scott Brown can. You would never even consider voting for her if she were not a Democrat. Can your party loyalty really be so unblinking and unthinking? For goodness' sake, will you please take down your lawn sign? Pat Henry East Longmeadow

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