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Open letter

July 25, 2014 |

Dear Governor Patrick,   
My name is Megan Crowley. I am a 23-year-old female who grew up in Springfield. I attended public school here; I grew up in subsidized housing here; I worked my way through a bachelor’s degree here. All of these experiences make me very certain of one thing: there are a multitude of our own children who are living with hunger, with violence and with uncertainty in the western Massachusetts area. The plight of Central American children, while regrettable, should not be resolved before the problems that face our own children here in the Commonwealth. It would be unconscionable to put the welfare of strangers above the welfare of our own.
You want to house children at Westover Air Force Base in Chicopee? Please do. I fully support you. But house the children of people who were born here or came here legally and are part of our great state; don’t reward lawbreakers at the expense of your own community.
The federal government may be offering to pay for their care, but where does the money for the federal government come from?  Us, the taxpayers. Be it state funds or federal funds, our budget should be used to support those who are already here that need support. And I guarantee you, there are plenty who fall into that category. Many people in my community are voicing outrage and anger at this proposal; a recent survey on the news channel WWLP.com had a mere 13 percent in support of your plan and 87 percent disapproval. I hope you change your position on allowing the government to house these illegal immigrants at Westover. Allowing the welfare of outsiders to be put above the welfare of your own is shameful. Please reconsider.

Megan Crowley

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