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It is with more than passing interest that I have been following the controversy in Longmeadow regarding a new high school facility. I recently went through the same experience in Wilbraham. It, indeed, has been fascinating to follow the progress concerning the new Longmeadow High School in the "Reminder." It appears from a recent letter to the editor from a resident of Longmeadow that the Longmeadow School Committee, just as the Wilbraham School Committee, has the mindset of a new facility. I thought it was enlightening that the aforementioned writer states that he hoped the citizens of Longmeadow would not "jump off the cliff along with the citizens of Wilbraham." Now what intrigues me the most is what is the letter writer aware of that the citizens of Longmeadow and Wilbraham are not? Matthew Metzler Wilbraham
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