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Facts on Town Seal Painting Sale

Residents of East Longmeadow, this is written to let you know what happened last December, when my wife, Sheila, who designed and painted the town seal, passed away. For some reason her funeral was boycotted by town officials, both past and present, some of whom we had mistakenly called friends. Just maybe it was the sale of the painting, which was mentioned in the article about my wife. If so, you need to be told as to why the painting was sold. When Sheila finished the painting of the seal in 1995 or 1996, it was her intention to donate it to the town. However, when I approached a now former selectman and asked about some sort of presentation, he replied, "What is she, on an ego trip?" When I told my wife about what was said, we decided the only way they would get it was by buying it. This happened in 2002 or 2003. The sale was arranged by a now former selectman. At this time these facts were told to that person. Nothing can be done to change what occurred, but they should feel ashamed by their actions. I hope they will live to go through the feelings I had with their no show. By the way there is some irony in these facts, "but life goes on!" Bill Osgood Springfield
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