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Palin is God’s messenger

Dec. 6, 2013 |

The primary reason Sarah Palin is so intensely exposed to the sting of mockery and bad press is because of her straightforward proclamation that Jesus Christ is her Savior and Lord. God has been using Sarah Palin as a high-profile rallying point for the multitudes held captive by the sting of mockery to demonstrate that being mocked and portrayed as socially unacceptable is survivable. Those who have been waiting in the wings for someone worthy to emulate are inspired by Sarah's “disobedience” and courage to swim against the tide of popular opinion. Only God knows how many who were held captive by the sting of mockery have been set free by Sarah Palin's example. The recent editorial in the Chicopee Herald entitled “Palin tries desperately to stay a part of politics” is for surface feeders and those still suffering from Palin Psychosis. There is so much more that lingers below the surface. 2014 will usher in a period of persecution for American Christians like we have never before experienced. We are already seeing signs of this. It is a time for the testing of our mettle and a time to invest in eternity. When we pretend that the battle isn’t real it dulls our spiritual senses, and to embrace the tapioca fluff of pious escapism is a display of stunning cowardice. We are not surprised by evil, we are expecting it and we can live life without being controlled by it. In this life we suffer for a little while but the sting of persecution loses its bite when we focus on the immeasurable everlasting to everlasting. Sarah Palin, the tenacious and brilliant woman who single-handedly took on the corrupt political establishment in her state of Alaska has, in all likelihood, been sent by God to irritate, awaken and revitalize a slumbering nation and (to a large degree) a submissive, frightened church. Sarah’s authenticity, integrity and dedication to everything that is lovely is heart-transforming. Let’s forget what Sarah might do in the political arena and focus on what – by the grace of God – she has already set in motion in the spiritual realm. Bill Santy Chicopee

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