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Possible scam?

June 18, 2012 I recently received a phone call from someone representing a fund-raising group that was purportedly raising money to "support our troops" which, this person told me, was especially appropriate at this time due to the upcoming July Fourth holiday. Being someone who has always felt that it's prudent to be leery of people soliciting money over the telephone, I asked how much of the money they raised actually went to the stated cause and how much was kept by the fund raising organization. I was told that 80 percent of the funds raised went to administrative costs and other fees and that only 20 percent of the money raised went to the troops. It only took a split second for me to decide that pledging money to this group was not a good idea. I don't know anyone who does not believe that we should support our armed forces, but there are many other legitimate and beneficial ways to support those who protect our country. It seems that the nice weather this time of year brings with it an increase in solicitations from people supposedly raising money the those in uniform. People need to be very careful so as not to become victims of those preying on their good intentions. David Lalonde Hampden Bookmark and Share
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