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Post office problems

March 13, 2013 |

To the postmaster general, postal unions, (all) public and government: Is not there a law that people cannot kill themselves? Suicide? Then why is the government having the postal department make the post office set aside $5 billion yearly for the future retirees? If the government is forcing the post office to suicide, should not the post office and public take the government to court? The public, who are living in way off places, cannot receive their mail because it will not be delivered since postal staff is being cut in half. Should the postal patrons use "free" mail, "email," etc.? There will be no post office. Stamps bring in 50 percent of the profit, as reported in the news. The only other choice left for the postal department is court – Supreme Court! Why are other firms not doing what the government is forcing the post office to do? Postal patrons, return to the post office. If not, everything will be sky high (stamps, delivery costs, etc.). Joel Sacks Longmeadow

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