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Reason for $100,000 cost

April 10, 2013 |

Recently, at the Select Board meeting, [the] DPW director stated our pump station is in need of work that must be done per state requirements of fluoride use, in the approximate amount $50,000. We purchase our water from Springfield. Springfield does not add fluoride to their water; Longmeadow is responsible for added [fluoride]. When fluoride is added, it needs testing 365 days a year about two hours each day. Now they change pump quarterly, which takes two men working two hours or more. State requires records mailed to them weekly, monthly and must send water samples to [a] lab, another cost for lab reports, [and] send to [the] state. Fluoride is dangerous. Workers must attend classes and must be certified. Workers must wear protective apparel. Do the math: salary [for] 365 day[s], I believe must be paid for four hours – time-and-half Saturday, Sunday, maybe double Christmas, New Year's, Thanksgiving, etc. Then the cost of bags of fluoride, which is purchased from Japan and is not natural fluoride, like found in wells and ground, made from aluminum products. The bags come with picture of "skull and bones." Do we have better places to spend $100,000? Elanor Stolar Longmeadow

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