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Save a landmark

Jan. 16, 2013 |

What is a landmark? To many it is a historical building, place or area that is notable and recognized for its importance to a community or the country. It is something universally acknowledged and appreciated. For others, a landmark is simply a place that is familiar, that we take note of each day and when we see it and it helps us know where we are. The Allis Mansion on the campus of Mercy Hospital, as you travel up the hill on Carew Street, is truly a landmark in both meanings of the word. The Allis Mansion was the home of a prominent local person, and architectural gem, and then the home of the House of Mercy, a very well respected hospital that served the community, and the place of birth for thousands of Springfield residents in the soon to be destroyed Maternity Hospital building. Every day thousands of people heading to and from work in Hungry Hill, Chicopee, East Springfield and other neighborhoods, pass by this imposing Mansion and can't help but notice it in the bend in the road. They may not even think about it, but when it is gone, they will miss it and wonder what happened, and how could such a grand house and landmark in the city of Springfield be allowed to be torn down. They will not be happy on that day. It is not too late to save this landmark. It is the responsibility of Mercy Hospital and its parent, the Sisters of Providence Health Systems, to stop this demolition, restore and repurpose this building. James Boone Springfield

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