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To the taxpapers of East Longmeadow: In the upcoming town meeting in May, do you realize that in the high school budget request there are two lines requesting the following: 1. $ 450,000 for a new high school track 2. $850,000 for an astro turf field A total of $1,300,000. Yes, that is $1.3 million! While most of us struggle to put groceries on our tables and pay town taxes, etc., etc. If we must pay something for our schools, which we have always supported in this town, then maybe this money would be very wisely spent on additional teachers/staff and/or something that would add, as well as be more quantitatively measured for advancement of education. $1,300,000 for cosmetic improvements! Wow, I am sure a lot of townspeople wish we had this money to fix our houses or yards. I wish I did! Sign me a very disappointed and struggling resident of 26 years. Laura Bogdanowicz East Longmeadow
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