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I believe Americans are begging for bipartisan leaders. Business as usual cannot continue. We do need health care reform but the Democrats have done their level best to mess it up trying to please everyone and winding up pleasing no one. The recent back room dealing was an example of Washington at its worst. However, D.C. politics is a two-way street and the Republicans deserve their share of blame. Their tone for the Obama presidency was set immediately with attempts to question his nationality and dehumanize him and his supporters. So if health care succeeded the Republicans would politically weaken and that couldn't happen. When three supposedly moderate Republicans entered into consultation with Democrats on the bill, it was civil and compromises were agreed to until they went before TV cameras and denounced everything. And when Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) voted with the Democrats to just bring the bill up for discussion, she was roundly criticized as being a traitor. This has to stop. You cannot demonize or reject everything President Barack Obama does. There has to be bipartisanship from both parties. The right wing of the Republican party and the "tea baggers" need to change the tone of their divisive rhetoric. The government is not tyrannical and President Obama is not a despot. You are not "real Americans and I am something less. This is not your country to take back." This is all of our country and we are all Americans. I don't question your patriotism, don't you dare question mine. We both want what is best for the country and have differing views as to what that is and how to get there. James Dionne West Springfield
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