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Sidewalk aftermath

As a resident of Porter Road I wish to address the aftermath of the sidewalk project. When this project was done last fall we lost two custom-made fieldstone turn-ins, two maple trees and part of our new driveway. The company that was hired were more into rapid completion of the project than the end result of their labor and the satisfaction of the affected Porter Road residents. The sight of this construction crew throwing down grass seed in mid-November was laughable. Just get it done. As I write, we are approaching Memorial Day and there has been no attempt to right the disgusting mess left by this company. We have raked out four trash barrels of glass, rocks, stones, wood remnants and pieces of trash from "loam" which has a sand base this spring. We have amended the fill (which is what it really is) with loam that we purchased. We have put down 40 pounds of grass seed and fertilized twice; I've started to hand weed because the existing weeds are crowding out the sparse new grass that has sprouted. The patch job on my driveway has already begun to degrade. Some homeowners on our street have hired private contractors to have their yards repaired. I am happy that my fellow residents can enjoy a safe place to stroll and this is not an indictment of the sidewalk project itself. The Public Works Department should have corrected this mess in very early spring or held the original hired contractors to do so we are approaching June or later with no attempt by anyone to make this right. I guess there is no rush, as the Board of Public Works can't see Porter Road from their respective houses. Sally Carlson East Longmeadow
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