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Smooth transition for Mapleshade

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your efforts in transitioning at Mapleshade Elementary School. When the problem first surfaced on Feb. 4, we never envisioned it would require us to make the decision to close the school for the foreseeable future. It was through long hours of dedicated work from countless and numerous people that we were able to complete a plan to move the entire Mapleshade School to Memorial Elementary School in Wilbraham and complete this plan in less than a week. It was through these same efforts that we were fortunate to only lose a total of six days of school. It is this "can do" attitude that makes the East Longmeadow School District one of the most desirable in the area to attend. It demonstrates the incredible ded-ication and support of the community. Children are put first in any decision that is made. I have received numerous compliments over the past few weeks for how quickly everyone reacted when it became obvious that Mapleshade could not be used for the remainder of the school year. The reaction of all involved makes me proud to serve on the East Longmeadow School Committee. Thanks again! William M. Fonseca Chair, East Longmeadow School Committee
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