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Soylent Green is people!

April 18, 2013 |

The Obama administration is quickly sweeping senior citizens under the rug. Under his "leadership," the per person Medicare insurance premium has increased from $96.40 in 2011 to $120.20 in 2013, and will double in 2014 under "Obamacare." Next year, net Social Security Administration (SSA) check amounts will go down. Now he's proposing reductions in Medicare spending and a cut of up to $1,000 a year in SSA benefits to seniors age 85. He doesn't depend on Medicare. And perhaps the President would not notice a decrease of $2.74 per day in his retirement check, but for some seniors that will be the difference between their pantry and a public food pantry. What's next? Senior "Soylent Green" meals? In all due respect to the office, but the President's attitude towards seniors more closely matches his initials each passing day, and the odor is growing into a stench where programs designed to help, not punish, seniors are concerned. Jim Raschilla Chicopee

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