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State debt too high

The current Massachusetts state debt is approximately $61 billion. The expected deficit for this current year is $2 billion. The weight of this debt on Massachusetts citizens is heavy. Anyone who has borrowed money to buy things like a home, a college education, or an automobile, has experienced the pain incurred in paying debt obligations. A person who has become indebted to a credit card company truly knows the horror of servitude to a lender. The debt service on $63 billion would seem to be beyond man’s comprehension and imagination, but the reality of that debt commitment is being experienced by Massachusetts taxpayers today. Massachusetts leaders have reacted to this predicament by continuing with the same behaviors that led our state to its current indebtedness. Our leaders consistently raise taxes, continue with deficit spending, and amass more debt. Massachusetts politicians know that more debt is easy to incur because the responsibility of paying the debt does not fall on them personally. High taxes and expensive Byzantine rules and regulations have driven capital out of Massachusetts. Undoubtedly, New Hampshire businesses are rooting for Massachusetts to raise taxes, for they are one of the beneficiaries of Massachusetts capital flight. Such capital flight has caused deterioration of the state’s tax base. High taxes and stifling regulations do not raise revenue; they destroy the tax base. A smaller tax base is paying more to support habitual state spending increases. Former taxpayers have chosen to live on government dole rather than work. Those on the dole know that the amount of work needed to earn more after-tax income necessary to meaningfully exceed the value of services, like health insurance received free from government, is not worth the effort. Thus, the increased tax burden falls on a smaller pool of taxpayers. Massachusetts leaders consistently generate unfunded mandates aimed at cities and towns. These mandates frequently are created through bureaucratic fiats. These bureaucratic departments have been created by Massachusetts leaders. Often these bureaucracies are a means for politicians to abdicate their responsibilities while furthering their special interests. Politicians publicly claim to have no control over runaway spending, dictated by state departments, when actually these departments are wards of the legislature. We are all familiar with local departments cutting back on services because of decreases in funding. What is euphemistically called state aid to cities and towns has been cut back dramatically. I say euphemistically because that money belongs to the cities and towns to begin with, and should never have been appropriated by the state through taxation in the first place. Considering that state spending has consistently increased, why is there less funding for local departments? Waste, inefficiencies, and corruption in state government, propagated by incompetent, corrupt, dissembling, Machiavellian political leaders, have led to Massachusetts fiscal morass. Our government’s current policies, that lead its’ citizens into servitude through high taxes, deficit spending, and more debt, are not the answer to Massachusetts problems. The answer to Massachusetts present poor condition, and the method needed to overcome future obstacles, lies in the liberation of its’ citizens. Lower taxes, less government, and local control are the keys to success and prosperity. Spontaneous forces are unleashed when citizens are liberated. Interactions between free citizens pursuing the possibility of improving each ones lot in life are powerful forces that create wealth. These interactions can range from simple contracts to infinitely complex and large enterprises. Liberation and free trade, not coercion through government intervention, spur man’s natural ambition to prosper. The citizens of Massachusetts must repudiate its leaders who force productive taxpayers to subsidize the indolent. The socialist’s dogma, that man exists to serve the needs of other men, is a destructive myth. History has proven this beyond any uncertainty. Socialism leads to an authoritarian state, which is the opposite of lower taxes, less government, and local control. It is the duty of Massachusetts citizens to remove politicians who, in any way, abridge that liberty. Considering the lives that have been given to secure our liberty, and considering the liberty of future generations, it is a most serious duty. Tom McCarthy Springfield Bookmark and Share
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