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Student thanks staff at Talmadge Elementary

I am a fourth grade student at Arthur T. Talmadge Elementary School in Springfield. Last spring, my third grade class took the MCAS test for the first time and did very good. Out of all the third grade classes in Massachusetts, 1,002 to be exact, Talmadge finished first in Math and second in Reading Language Arts. I couldn't wait to tell everyone I knew this great news, I was ecstatic! When my mom got home from work, we rushed around to find a copy of the Boston Globe so I could see the results for myself. After three newsstands, we finally found one last copy. I told everyone about my class' great achievement, my Dad even made copies because some people didn't believe me! I would like to say "thank you" to all the staff at Talmadge for making it a great school, where everyone learns something new everyday. I would especially like to thank my third grade teachers, Mrs. Pearson and Mrs. Izzo, for doing their best to make us all champions. Keep up the great job, Talmadge! Michelle Normand, age 9 Springfield
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